Anderson Ferry, Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentuckey

Anderson Ferry - Cincinnati - Northern Kentucky

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Anderson Ferry Hours of Operation 364 Days a Year

May - October
Mon.-Fri., 6am - 9:45pm
Sat., 7am - 9:45pm
Sun., 9am - 9:45pm
All Holidays 7:00 AM

November - April
Mon.-Fri., 6am - 8pm
Sat., 7am - 8pm
Sun., 10am - 8:00pm

Closed on Christmas Day

Photographs - Information - Workers - Tickets - Map - Contact

Anderson Ferry schedule runs daily, sometimes two ferries at peak hours, other times just one.
Just show up, they will get you across as quickly as possible, most times in less than 15 minutes.
The Ferry trip from Hebron KY to the Cincinnati, Ohio landing is a short ride, sit back and relax.
The current Anderson Ferry Boat ferries are the Boone 7, Little Boone and Deborah A.
This website is for informational purpose and documentary photography of the ferries.

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